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Explore selling your life insurance to a third party investor for more than the current surrender value of your policy

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Transform your life insurance policy into a new financial opportunity

Life settlements can protect you from a change in your financial or health situation. Sometimes, you just just no longer need your policy. You shouldn't have to just forfeit it, explore a settlement today.

Key Benefits

  • No more premium payments
  • Address legacy planning
  • Financial flexibility
  • Maximize your financial assets

Our work process

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Is your life insurance policy worth more than you think?

Your life insurance policy could absolutely be worth more than you might think. There is an extensive range of circumstances that may mean your policy is worth more than it would be if you just let it lapse or cashed it in.

If you are over 60 and  any of the following apply, you may be an excellent candidate for a life settlement:

  1. Retiring executive
  2. Health decline
  3. Policy no longer needed or affordable:
  4. Term policy expiring
  5. Planning on letting policy lapse

I only work with life settlement investors that retain the policies on their balance sheet, so you will always know who you are dealing with. The process is very easy, just fill out a short form and we will be in touch to discuss if your policy has life settlement potential.

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