Workflow Automation saves client massive amount of money

One of our clients just scored a large guaranteed issue life insurance case. There was just one major problem - with thousands of applications expected to come in, someone would have to perform various actions on each application individually before uploading the file to the carrier. At around 12 minutes an app, and with thousands of applications to process, this could have meant a massive investment on the part of the client, not to mention slowing down the case processing, and with it, their commission flow. Our team proposed a workflow automation tool to speed the process up and cut down on human errors.

Our solution which was completed in just one week, including all testing and design, was to automate the entire process. The software was able to:

  • Parse the PDF and extract various information (Name, DOB, etc)
  • Check for duplicates by comparing the client name and date of birth - if a duplicate is found, it is sent to a separate folder for the client to manually check the duplicates to see which one should be submitted
  • Zips the file, and renames it in a nomenclature that the carrier requested
  • Uploads a copy of the application to the client's OneDrive
  • Using SFTP, uploads each application to the insurance company
  • Finally, the software creates a log file in Excel for each time the application is run

In just the first day, the client was able to process approximately 900 applications that were ready to go to the carrier, and was able to do so in just 5 minutes of active work. The estimated time savings on just day one was 180 hours of work, or close to $3,000 in labor costs. Do you have tasks that you repeat over and over again? Reach out to us to discuss how we can apply custom workflow automation to your business!