Below are a snapshot of the potential areas we can help you and your practice.


The insurance industry is overloaded with outdated and expensive technologies, and we often find thousands in cost savings in our initial reviews of your suite of software. 


Staffing is one of the most overlooked, but critical components of a successful life insurance agency or producer office. Our experience can show you better ways to align your staff's responsibilities to help you grow your business


Carrier selection is a critical component of a successful practice. Let us take a look at your mix of carriers and products you are currently selling, and we will provide you with information on how to better present them

Agent Compensation

Compensation packages for brokerage staff as well as for downline agents can get complex. Everyone wants a bigger piece of the pie. We will show you how to utilize creative pay packages that will help lessen your monthly fixed costs.

Other solutions

We can advise you on productivity solutions, time management, marketing, search engine optimization, APS retrievals and much more!

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